Employee engagement

With FlexTeam, bring your employees back to the office!

Enhance the office work experience

FlexTeam helps companies understand and manage their organization in hybrid mode on a day-to-day basis.

The objective? Allows everyone to work with more flexibility while preserving what makes our lives at work unique: human relationships.

Tell us which colleagues you want to see, FlexTeam tells you which day to come to the office!

Expérience employé

Did you know that only 6% of employees say they are engaged, while an engaged employee is 23% more productive?

To increase this engagement rate FlexTeam offers immediately actionable levers to enhance the employee experience.

🚨 New Feature: Mentoring


Based on your preferences, needs and availability, FlexTeam finds your future mentor.


Thanks to mentoring reports, measure the satisfaction of your employees and the evolution of their individual performance.

Career evolution

Support the internal mobility of your employees through better monitoring of their learning.

FlexTeam brings together mentors and mentees, providing a direct connection between those looking to learn and those ready to teach.

Thanks to the mentoring module, develop the skills of your employees to promote internal mobility.

Discover a new approach to business mentoring.

Automatically connect employees based on their interests, affinities and availability; FlexTeam recommends tailor-made mentoring sessions.

Employees who have a mentor are 67% less likely to leave their job.

Manual of use

Admin side: Office manager or HR ⚙️

For the admin, the advantages are:

Mentorat FlexTeam
Mentorat FlexTeam

Employee side: Teams 👩‍💻

The advantage for the employee is that he or she is able to enhance his or her skills, or those of his or her colleagues.

App Side: FlexTeam 🪄

FlexTeam offers :

Mentorat FlexTeam

The figures speak for themselves:
mentoring boosts performance and retention

80% of companies consider mentoring to be cost-effective.

Source : Deloitte

Better employee retention (+22%) in companies with a mentoring system.

Source : McKinsey

70% of mentees progress faster in their careers.

Source : Association canadienne du mentorat

Mentorat et engagement collaborateur

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