Steering & Reporting

With FlexTeam, I optimize and leverage my data

Simple, intuitive access to your space and occupancy data

Your hybrid policy on autopilot

With Flexteam, save time and focus on the essentials.

FlexTeam EVP télétravail Flex Office

Remote work rules, weekly or monthly, depending on the employee


HRIS integration (Payfit, Lucca, Hi Bob, Bamboo...)

User rights management by profile (admin, HR, manager, etc.)

Day package monitoring (rest time, disconnection, etc.)

Analyze your data at a glance

With Flexteam, visualize the use of remote work and office space to make informed decisions.

Stats Dash board

Reporting by employee and status, remote working days, travel, absence... addresses, reporting by team

Office occupancy reporting -by site -by team zone, by desk

On-demand report creation

74% of employees would be more loyal to their company if they have remote work

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