Create the hybrid work experience that engages your employees

Collaboration, remote work, flex office… Your employees have different needs, so give them the means to create a work experience that reflects their image.

With FlexTeam, your employees become the actors of their own commitment.

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Understand your employees

Creating ONE perfect employee experience just got easier.

FlexTeam offers an individualized experience and automated actions for maximum engagement.

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Pilot simply your spaces

You have control to define team territories, gauges, and rotations.

Also, integrate meeting rooms and let your teams reserve the spaces they need 🤩

Who is in the office today?

At the office? At home? In a café?
Find out where your team members work!

FlexTeam simplifies team coordination so you can

  • meet at the office
  • find the best day for a face-to-face meeting
  • invite a colleague to work on site.
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Mark Mortensen

The challenge for companies is to create a hybrid work culture that fosters collaboration and commitment.


Co-founder of FlexTeam, Professor at INSEAD, Harvard Business Review Contributor

Connected to your tools

Have you chosen Microsoft, Google, Slack or Teams?

FlexTeam integrates with all your tools and over 20 HRIS systems.

Our customers talk about FlexTeam

"Thanks to FlexTeam, we can now organize remote work simply and efficiently. With this new, easy-to-integrate tool, every employee can easily organize their work according to the teams they interact with."


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A tool that adapts to your needs


Simple, intuitive interface, our priority: your employees

Data, data,

It sounds like ABBA, but we’ll tell you all about it.


PC, Mac, mobile, tablet, access FlexTeam from all your devices

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