Our partners

WeekAway: stay a few days a week near your work

Living in one city and working in another becomes easy with WeekAway, which offers recurring accommodation solutions during the week near your office, a real 2nd home where you can leave your belongings.


Creators and organizers of telework trips, the Teletravel team accompanies employees and companies in new generation travel projects.

A unique travel agency to give more mobility to employees.

PeopleSpheres publishes the first HRIS platform in PaaS that allows HR professionals to build their own customized Human Resources Information System.

My Employees allows to know and optimize the commuting time of the employees of a company. 

Find the perfect shared office

Rent / sublet your new office space full or part time.

Panorama Architecture defends with the same passion rehabilitation projects, whatever their scale, as well as important achievements such as secondary education projects or university poles.

Bluebird Real Estate is an independent consulting firm in corporate real estate, serving users in office – telecommuting – coworking …